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My Mission

My goal is to create a strong network between UK and US-based companies and the undiscovered IT potential in the Baltic and Eastern Europe.

Whether you’re considering offshoring or on-site opportunities, I’m on hand to discuss the best hiring strategies that will equip your business with the leading IT talents.

What I do

Locating the Right Talent for You

Finding the right IT consultant can seem like an uphill battle. But my expertise lies in swiftly sourcing the best IT consultants from these regions for sectors including meditech, automotive, and real estate. For more specialised areas such as AI consulting, I handle the work directly.

Case Histories

Project Chronicles I’m Proud Of

In my eight-year career in IT consulting services, I’ve been involved in a diverse array of IT consulting projects, each offering unique insights and opportunities. I take pride in collaborating with like-minded professionals, and I’m delighted to share a glimpse of some noteworthy endeavours.

AI-Powered Startup Based in London



A significant part of my current journey involves an innovative AI-powered startup based in London. Our aim is to harness the potential of an advanced language model to redefine lead generation and sales.


Our concept revolves around a vendor-centric approach. We utilise this advanced language model to process vendor data, seeking to identify potential leads who could greatly benefit from the offerings.


Our approach is successfully enhancing the alignment between the vendor’s offerings and the potential lead’s interests, leading to an increase in lead conversion rates. This innovative methodology not only validates the concept but is also paving the way for the next stage of AI-enhanced lead generation development.

An Innovative Digital Venture



My association with a dynamic digital enterprise began in 2016, allowing me to play various roles ranging from Business Development to IT Management Consulting and Creative Direction.


The company, acclaimed among impact-driven SMEs from North America and Europe, had an ambitious goal: to empower brands with custom technology platforms and websites that respond to their unique needs.


We successfully help numerous businesses by delivering bespoke solutions that not only improved their digital presence but also fuelled their growth, thus cementing our reputation as a dependable IT consulting service.


AI-Driven Content Solution



A major project involved a comprehensive platform that offers automated content creation and submission services, which stands as a testament to my capacity to handle complex IT consultancy assignments.


The goal is to create a system capable of building websites using popular template systems, all while harnessing AI to streamline and optimise content creation, allowing businesses to focus on what matters most – revenue generation.


The successful launch of this platform has significantly simplified content creation and submission processes for businesses. Not only has it increased productivity, but it has also allowed for a more targeted approach to content creation, boosting their overall performance.

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